Mark Hester

Personal Trainer

My name is Mark Simon Hester, I am a qualified triathlon coach, personal trainer and an experienced triathlete. I have a variety of skills and knowledge concerning the techniques used in swimming, cycling and running. Many of these have been taught to me by my personal trainers, Phil Mosley (Triathlon Remote Coach), Tony Bull (Nutrition Advice), Gerwyn Davies (Swimming Coach) and others.

I was 18 stones and 7lbs in 2015 and trained within many sport disciplines over many years and I lost 6 stones.  I am pleased with my current weight but I am committed to achieving my weight aim of 11 stones 6lbs to fall under the requirements of a healthy weight level.

I was born Deaf.  My first language is British Sign Language. I can work with hearing and deaf clients – communication is no barrier with me!

Skills & Experience

I attended a coaching course with British Triathlon, on behalf of Welsh Triathlon and my coach registration number is 819982. I will be studying for a Coaching Diploma Level 2A in 2021.

Sporting achievements to date are competing in:

BSL Triathlon - Mark Hester

Sporting Achievements

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